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Sharing a Set with the Photographer

Once a Favorites List is created, the list is automatically accessible to the photographer.  However the option is provided to Share the list with your photographer.  Sharing a Favorites List allows you to communicate a message to the photographer about the photos in the list.

When the list is shared with the photographer, the photographer will receive a notification about the newly shared list.

Photographers will be able to view Shared Favorites list and will have access to editing the list.

Any changes made to the list by the client or the photographer is automatically reflected when the other party views the list.  So for example, if you add or remove photos from the list, when the photographers views the same list, the same photos will have also been added or deleted.  Because of this, it is not necessary to re-share a Favorites list that has already been shared. 

To share a Favorites list with your photographer, click on the name of your set in the top left corner of the site.  This will open the Favorites list.


If you have a number a edits with different styles Like Black & White, Colour, Crop you must add each edit to its own selection and name it accordingly. For example if you have set of selections that you won't in Black & white you name it David-B&W (your Name-B&W) and send that set to the Photographer. This is repeated for every type of edits.

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